Welcome, we’ve been expecting you!

Our Mission – Transforming neighbors into family through genuine Christ-like love.

Bethel’s Goal for 2020 – That we would be an inviting church that makes Jesus’ disciples.

When my wife Kathryn and I arrived at Bethel in 1993, we asked: “What are the distinctive characteristics of Bethel Baptist Church?” “What are the values and passions that have fueled the movement of Christ in this place since 1901?” Here’s what we discovered:

Bethel is a Missions Church
Bethel Baptist Church was started in 1901 by District Missionary, Rev. Paul Johnson with a vision for Swedish immigrants in a new land. Many Bethel members have received a call to missionary service and have devoted their lives to international mission service. Our constant passion is to raise up new generations of believers who have the world on their heart. This is why in 1994 we welcomed the Slavic Baptist congregation to our facility. They soon outgrew our facility, but today we partner with Russian Harvest Outreach (www.RussianHarvest.com) and support a network of missionaries in that great land. In addition, we encourage our members to engage in outreaches to our city, such as reaching internationals through Talk Time, English as a Second Language and friendship evangelism. We also take mission trips each year to areas such as Mexico and the Katrina Hurricane zone. We also support the work of the Baptist General Conference and its missionaries around the world. Visit our national website at http://www.convergeworldwide.org/

Bethel Trains and Equips Young People
During the Second World War, Rev. Steele had a vital interest in young people. Teens gained a vision of service to the Lord. The youth groups from the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s equipped young people to serve as missionaries, pastors and chaplains. Sunday school classes and Children’s Church provide Bible-centered training for kids. How grateful we are when God entrusts one of these precious young people into our care!

Led by Youth Pastor Abe McWethy, God is raising up new generations that are loving and honoring Christ through lives of service. Ground Zero Youth Group reaches Junior High and Senior High teens. Call the church at (425) 252-0249 for further information. You can also visit Ground Zero’s Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/groups/158217694212333/321828174517950/.

Bethel Serves The City
In the forties and fifties Bethel called Louisa Roach and Carol Brown as missionaries to the city. The radio program, “Happy Half Hour With the Bible,” reached the children of Everett. Involvements with Christian Businessmen’s groups, Youth For Christ, Child Evangelism Fellowship and Bible Study Fellowship and other worthy efforts have characterized Bethel’s partnerships in the city. For several years, our outreach pastor served as a chaplain on the Everett Police Force. We also partner with Delta Baptist Church to distribute Christmas Gift Baskets to families in our city. We provided a starting place for a new church plant, Milltown Neighborhood Church to our facility, and we serve monthly at the Salvation Army dinner. Guest groups such as the Girl Scouts, Christmas House, Home School Networks, Children’s’ Play Groups, Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, and Alcoholics Anonymous meet in our facility. We truly can do more together than we can on our own.

Bethel Serves Military Personnel
During the Second World War a Christian Center for Servicemen was established in Everett. Bethel members prepared and sent bandages and care packages, wrote to our fighting men, and extended hospitality to them when they were at home. In the 1960’s, Bethel served the Air Force members who were stationed at Paine Field. With the arrival of Naval Station Everett in the 1990’s, Bethel families reached out to military personnel. Through home hospitality, prayer groups, men’s ministry, and Bible studies on the Base, several Navy people have made Bethel Church their home.

Bethel is a Fellowship Church
Many of the most meaningful impacts of God in the lives of people at Bethel have come through the loving fellowship that believers share with one another. Christmas parties, potluck suppers, weekly meals, Bible Study groups, men’s and women’s ministry events, and other group outings have sparked Christian friendships and provided ways for them to grow deeper. We are constantly exploring ways to extend this loving hospitality gift to newcomers and to others outside our immediate sphere of influence. It is all summed up when we say, “Bethel is a Family That Adopts…Come join the family.” It’s true. If people stick around long enough, they will find relationships that feel more like family than anything else. And it’s been going on for over a hundred years!

Come Join the Family!

Pastor Wes Johnson