Children’s Education

Children’s Education Director Greg Kuper Sr.

Our Sunday School and Children’s church are designed to help our youth age 4 through grade 4 know and love the Lord through a structured curriculum and appropriate activities including music, games, and memory work.  Each time the children attend adult services, their activities are planned to make adult worship a positive experience.  The kids are learning to look forward to adult services.

The Sunday School uses Gospel Light materials while the curriculum for Children’s Church has been developed by Mr. Greg Kuper Sr. and his staff. This curriculum is as follows:

Memory Work:

Preschool – John 14:1-3

Kindergarten – The Lord’s Prayer

1st Grade – 23rd Psalm

2nd Grade – 10 Commandments

3rd Grade – Beatitudes

4th Grade – Books of the Bible

Preschool Curriculum

1.            John 14:1-3 Illustrated

2.            Alphabet

3.            Numbers 1-25

4.            Primary Colors

Kindergarten Curriculum

1.            The Lord’s Prayer Illistrated

2.            Review Alphabet, Numbers and Primary Colors

3.            Begin Telling Time

4.            New Testament Heros

1st Grade Curriculum

1.            23rd Psalm Illustrated

2.            Telling Time

3.            Begin Addition and Subtraction

4.            Begin Currency Recognition

5.            Creation

2nd Grade Curriculum

1.            10 Commandments Illustrated

2.            Review Telling Time and Currency Recognition

3.            Addition and Subtraction

4.            Old Testament Heroes

3rd Grade Curriculum

1.            The Beatitudes Illustrated

2.            The Parables of Jesus Illustrated

3.            Math

4th Grade Curriculum

1.            The Books of the Bible Illustrated and focus on their content.