We provide regular support and prayer for the following full time missionaries.
Scott & Ruth Millar – Toronto, Canada
Jami Strandberg – Guadalajara, Mexico
Andy & Lynette Tillman – MUP – South Philippines
Larry & Mary Harris – Wycliffe – Mexico
Ian Smith – Japan
Christopher & Heather Schwartzen – Serving Nepal from the U.S.A
Philip & Catherine Dow- Nairobi, Kenya
Bruce & Carol Ingram – ACTION International – Asia / India
Russian Harvest Outreach
Converge Northwest & Converge General Fund
Bronte Cox spent time during the summer of 2013 in Toronto, Canada for a summer internship with our missionaries Jeremy & Jessica Reurich.  She worked with Urban Promise, an inner city organization that provides a place of safety and activity for under privileged children.  She was there from June 21st to August 17th.  She spent time with kids, teaching them about Jesus and how He could impact their lives.
Bronte was able to raise her own funds for this trip in the amount of $1,412.46 with the help of many Bethel folks.  She was very thankful to take part in this opportunity.
Sharon Steen was successful in completing  her year of study at Adelphia Bible School.  Congratulations on a job well done.  After graduation, she took a trip to Japan, where she traveled with other students from Adelphia.   During the 11 day trip, the mission team assisted in Ishinomaki City as they came alongside those already serving the people affected by the 2011 Tsunami.
Sharon says that what impacted her the most in working with the people was to know that she was one of the few Christians they had ever met.  She was also impressed by their reserved, guarded, disciplined nature.  Her outlook on life and ministry changed by questioning how God fit into the entire disaster in Japan.  The culture in Japan is “no touch” but it was awesome how the people changed.  Her outlook on life is looking at how God fits into the grief in our lives.  Sharon learned that listening is just as important and fulfilling in ministry as anything else.  The people were excited to share with her and she was thankful that God gave her patience to listen carefully and  understand what they were saying.
If the opportunity came to return to Japan, Sharon says she would be willing and hopefully able to go.  She greatly enjoyed the culture because of the quiet, clean, simple lifestyles they had.  The people were curious and wanted to be helped, and also to share.  They were continually hospitable.   If you would like to see pictures and daily updates, visit the Adelphia Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AdelphiaSchool
One thing Sharon wants to continually do is to put people before a project.  She thinks about how people are forgotten for the sake of getting a job done.  Sharon will be working at Lake Retreat this summer.  In the fall she plans to pursue a course of study in Midwifery.
Steve & Diane Mosman were able to take a very profitable trip to Papua, Indonesia for Wycliffe Bible Translators in 2013.  Diane taught the staff in English as a Second Language and Steve assisted in building upkeep and also consulting.  We are privileged to have such a wonderful couple who serve the Lord with their many talents.
Every fourth Friday the Mosmans host an International Fellowship in their home.  Good food is shared, friendships are forged and English is practiced in a Christ centered setting.
Pictured here are the folks who went on the last mission team to Cedine Tennessee.  The goal was to help the camp prepare for the summer season.
There have been other short term mission trips to the area that was devastated by Hurricane Katrina and to a Christian camp in Merida, Mexico.