Mission Statement:  To humbly declare the Lord’s ownership over the worshiping heart of Bethel Church.

Kathryn Johnson – Worship Coordinator
Technical Director Daigo Katagiri
No matter how we say it, the goal of the Worship Committee is to glorify and lift up the name of the Lord and engage each worshiper every Sunday of the year.  The methods may vary from week to week, but the purpose remains the same.
During the year the Worship Committee sponsors choirs at Easter and Christmas; the Flowering of the Cross on Easter Sunday, the Christmas Café, the Christmas Eve Service; various special music presentations.  We also remember such special days as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Veterans Day.
Several times during the year, the worship is led by the Ground Zero Youth Group.  This gives the young people an opportunity to serve and also a different perspective to the church service.
Our service begins at 10:00 a.m.